Public API
31 August 2021

Automatic data and index installation in sensenet

In this release we started to work on enabling more scenarios for sensenet. In the last year or so we focused mainly on our service offering (sensenet as a service). Now it is time to let developers install a standalone version of sensenet, independently from our service infrastructure. To enable this we started to add features and enhancements to make the install process easier and more modern.


  • Automatic data install: this is a step toward a fully automatic self-contained install package inside a web application.

  • Automatic index creation: if the index is not present when the repository starts, we automatically create it be re-indexing the database. This helps with installing sensenet more easily.

Bug fixes

Testing and infrastructure

  • In this release we updated the security infrastructure to use instances instead of a static API.

  • We moved a couple of infrastructure actions from the SNaaS code base to the core product to let our admin user interface access them.

Security context in a service container

This release contains under-the-hood refactors to modernize the security module.


Search service and GRPC client

In this release we focused on polishing the search service and converting the remaining Lucene implementations to services that can be registered in DI.