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May 2021
17 May 2021

The big day has come, the beta flag has been removed from the product. πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³ SNaaS is now up and running on in its final new location, so everything is ready to start a new chapter and focus fully on back you up to achieve your project goals and make sensenet even better together. Let’s see how our frontend dev's have been supporting the big move over the last few weeks.

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  • Stats page now provides extensive data about installed components and packages of you repository, latest releases and more #1287

Stats page

  • User now can go to edit their data directly from the user menu dropdown #1292

  • Account settings

  • Logo of various service providers were added as icons and now are used for highlighting the related webhook templates #1311

Webhook template icons

  • Fixed: #1294 webhook payload default value,

  • Fixed: #1300 messed up default and widget styles,

  • Fixed: #1315 Stats page with no releaseDate,

  • Plenty of new e2e tests were added making the admin-ui even more reliable. #1318#1308#1298

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  • The option has been added to the package to login a user directly from code (without using the login form) #1301

You can use this adding a .env file to you app and set the following things:


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  • Release interface is added to handle the latest releases on the Stats page #1287

Example apps

  • Login screen was removed from the example apps (a demo user is logged in automatically), so now it's even easier to try these apps #1301,

  • Example page has pimped up on we tried to make more understandable how these applications work by providing more basic information and showing the connections between the apps and the demo repository.

  • Fixed: #1312 broken calendar event edit

SNaaS profile

  • Fixed: repository name does not change on the plan page


  • Login, sign up and all the other screens related to authentication are fully redesigned. We hope you like it! Feel free to give us feedback if you miss something,

The new signup page

  • We've made a tiny cleanup in the demo workspaces. On the one hand, new content has been created to make example apps work better with and on the other hand we removed and optimized content to make the apps more performant and your demo experience better,

  • Several docs and a blog post was published about the newly added webhook templates and how to use them.