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June 2021
14 June 2021

The last release of this quarter contains the initial steps made in the direction of effortless text content editing and the first version of a gatsby source plugin. Both are just the beginning, the next weeks will be about further refining. Let’s see what we did so far:

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  • Text editor library behind rich text editor is changed to [email protected]. As a first step only those text editing features are implemented that were available in the previous version. More new things (managing tables, embedding, etc.) are coming in the following releases. #134527

New editor

  • Intellisense returns now parameters corresponding to the action in the command palette in the case of actions with the same name but with different input parameters. These parameters are also shown in the command palette suggestion list. #1339

Command palette action parameters

  • New delete related events (moved to trash and restored from trash) are now available on webhook trigger event list on edit views. #1305

New webhook trigger events

  • Webhooks now have proper details view #1244

  • We've made it easier to start your sensenet journey from admin ui dashboard. The learn section has been moved to the top of the page. #1310

  • Fixed: a bunch of document viewer bugs #1273

  • Plenty of new e2e tests were added making the admin-ui even more reliable. #796#862#867#909#919

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  • ODataParams got a new optional parameter richtexteditor to request editor data per field (width field name) or for all the fields (with value all). #1345

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  • A new field control is added for rich text editors. #1345

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  • ActionModel got a new parameter OpId that holds Id of the action to get its parameters. #1339

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  • We've published a totally new package for the new rich text editor. Feel free to use it in your own project πŸ’™ #1345

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  • We are working on integrate gatsby with sensenet and as a first step we've published the initial version of a sensenet source plugin πŸŽ‰ #1297

Example apps

  • All the example apps got a go to repo with which you can directly jump to the connected repository and library on the admin ui to learn how thing are connected.

  • Example apps' main menu is revamped and has been packed with a bunch of useful links.

SNaaS profile

  • Based on user feedback, we've made some clarifications on profile pages like My documents and API keys with some explanatory texts.

  • clarify profile pages